Frequently asked questions


Do you provide support?

Yes. If you need any help, tweet us @codebrag or visit our Codebrag Users google group.

Does Codebrag send any data or statistics anywhere outside?

By default, Codebrag sends anonymous data about its usage (e.g. number of users, number of comments). This information never includes any contents of your repository.

Gathering such anonymous statistics helps us improve Codebrag. Hovewer, you can disable this entirely if you wish ("send-anon-usage-data" option in codebrag.conf).

Code repositories

What repositories are supported?

Codebrag integrates with any SVN or Git repository, no matter whether hosted locally (e.g. Gitlab) or in the cloud (Github, Bitbucket).

Can I use Codebrag with multiple (feature) branches?

Yes. Starting from version 2.0 Codebrag supports review of multiple git branches. Branches in SVN are supported since version 2.2 by cloning each branch as a separate repository.

Can I review pull requests from GitHub?

Codebrag does not integrate with GitHub's Pull Requests feature. However, using Codebrag you can review commits from git branches .

How does code review in Codebrag compare to using GitHub to comment changes?


  • tracks commits awaiting review - you know what is left for review and you can always leave it to be done later
  • provides a list of comments requiring your attention (follow-ups) - all comments to your code and discussions in one place
  • allows you to 'like' changes in code - code review is not about "this is bad"
  • sends smart email notifications - you will only get an e-mail if something needs your attention, no more "comment for comment" spam :-)

What does Codebrag do with my repository?

Codebrag reads your repository and periodically fetches updates. It doesn't write or commit anything to the repository.

Can I use Codebrag with multiple repositories?

Starting from version 2.2 Codebrag supports reviewing code from multiple Git or SVN repositories. Repositories can be added or removed later on. Just make sure Codebrag is stopped before doing that.

Email Notifications

I am not getting any email notifications. Is Codebrag sending any?

Codebrag sends two kinds of emails: invitations and notifications. Notifications are sent when new commits or follow-ups appear while you are offline. Just make sure that the email section in config is set up. Also, make sure that you have got notifications enabled in your profile (right-top corner menu in Codebrag). If problem persists check `codebrag.log`.

Sometimes I get an email about new commit or follow-up, sometimes I don't. What's going on? (Smart email notifications)

Codebrag does not send you email for every new commit or follow-up. Instead:

  • We notify you when something new (commits or follow-ups) is available while you are offline.
  • After sending one email about commits or about follow-ups, we do not bother you anymore.
  • Additionally you get a daily update email.

That way we do not flood you with notification emails, but you will know when something new is waiting for you in Codebrag.


How can I reset my password?

To reset your password:

  • either contact Codebrag administrator, who can set you a new password ("Manage users" menu entry, available in Codebrag >=2.1)
  • or use script available in the Codebrag installation directory.

To be useful to me, Codebrag needs feature X, what should I do?

Please do let us know! Add or vote on this feature on GitHub issues.

By letting us know you raise the chances of your feature being implemented in the next release :-)


The Codebrag page does not load (or only the title bar loads). What is wrong?

Try turning off browser extensions such as User Agent Switcher or other development tools that could affect JavaScript execution.

How does Codebrag match commits with users?

It uses the email address or login to find the author. For this reason users should be created with the emails/logins which are used for working with the repository .

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